Follow Up appointment Post Stem Cell Transplant

Hemoglobin is at 93.  Climbing on his own-good
White blood Cell count dropped, but still within the normal range 7.5
Creatinine is 103, but they think it’s high because he’s not drinking enough.
Platelets is 211

Overall the day went ok.  He didn’t need a blood transfusion.  When the nurse checked his vital signs, I was surprised.  Blood pressure was very low, 84/54 and his pulse was very high, 135.
Nurse said is was dehydration.  She immediately ordered it for him.  They have requested Homecare to come to the house to keep the hydration going.  Not sure for how long.  I’ll find out when she comes tomorrow.

Oncologist came in to chat.  She reminded us that his appetite and lack of taste is normal and not to worry.  It will come back.  She also mentioned that she still plans on doing a tandem transplant due to his aggressive type of myeloma.  She reminded us that he almost didn’t qualify for the transplant because they couldn’t get it under control.  She wants him to recover so that she can do another one within 3 months. (protocol is usually 3-6 months with a tandem)  She says that the chemo before transplant (melphalan) knocked out, let’s say, 90% of the cancer.  The second one will knock out even more.
The sooner the better, to prolong the chances of it growing back.
The sooner the better for a longer remission with his multiple myeloma.
It’s his best defense right now.  “What if it doesn’t work?” was never asked.  We need to stay focused and beat this thing.  Stay positive.  Half the battle is attitude.
He had many doctors stumped throughout this past year and each and every “stump” he surprised everyone. He will do again!
I’m ready to fight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BTW, Multiple Myeloma is doing a 5km walk on June 22.  It begins at Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto.  We are inviting all family and friends to participate in this walk. We haven’t signed up yet.  SOON.  Need to get a team name first.  Text me any ideas you may have.  I’m including a link for more information.