Bone pain returning

I put this down to the levels of steroids left in my blood stream. The good thing is I am due another massive dose on Wednesday so things should start to improve again. Other than that my health remains pretty steady, allowing me to enjoy a lovely lunch with friends yesterday and to get get on with some more creative work today.

Did I let you know that the council have agreed that we can stay in our dream home for an extra 18 months from October 2014? This is a great relief although it would have been even better to have had even more time. Still I don’t intend going anywhere, but that fight will have to wait for another day. The council apparently plan to sell our home in the spring of 2016. At the moment we are still surrounded by lakes and woken up by laughing ducks. Now we have been given more time, we plan to put a little shower room upstairs. The downstairs bathroom is pretty grotty with painted tiles and an old bath that really needs re-enameling. An upstairs bathroom will provide me with a clinically hygienic place and I am excited about the planning of it. My dream bathroom would include calming lights, shiny cupboards and glossy white tiles, ooh and perhaps a little sparkle somewhere. The space isn’t very big and cost is a factor, but if you have any ideas please let me know. It would be nice to do the downstairs bathroom as well but as we have no guarantee of being able to stay here we need to be careful how much we invest in the place.

Well more work to do today and catching up with friends and colleagues

Enjoy your Tuesday

Deborah x

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