Beating up a cancer patient!!!!!

I have been keeping up with the criticism of the Keller’s, Bill and wife Emma who wrote separate articles ridiculing cancer blogger/twitter writer Lisa Adams.  Lisa Adams has stage IV breast cancer which now is in her bones. She tweats regularly and has many readers, she has  posted everything about her experience with this cancer and has helped herself and others understand it better.

Bill and Emma Keller, see the New York Times editorial of his and her “The Guardian” article for her.
Each are unrelenting ASSHOLES.

He talks about how his father-in-law went quietly not prolonging his life or torturing himself or his family.  In effect, not wasting expensive medical care.  Mr. Keller suggests the same for Ms. Adams.  His wife criticizes Ms. Adams for writing about her cancer as in effect “death bed selfies” and TMI!

2 Points should be made!
Mr. Keller:
It is Ms. Adams’ life to live not yours and for you to pontificate from on high on how she should live it is bullying and shitty.
Ms. Keller:
Walk a mile in her shoes, not your mild, treatable cancer, Ms. Keller, from which you easily survived but one like Ms. Adams’.  A cancer from which survival longterm is slim.  Your response is especially troubling since you equate curable cancers with incurable all in the same breath.

Shame on both of you and a pox upon your blighted views.  May each of you not walk a mile in Ms. Adams shoes or you might learn something about truly living life and helping others to cope!