Aunt Nan’s "Pig Tail Party" (New Years Day)

Firstly, let me tell you about pig tails.  I grew up on ’em.  Very German.  As hideous as they sound, they’re delicious if they’re baked to a crispy crunch!  If you enjoy cracklin’s or pork rinds, picture them with meat attached.

Two years prior to this batch of pictures, the 4 kids wanted NOTHING to do with them.

Finally, Jen’s daughter Lauren, saw Ric and I enjoying them, and was the first to indulge.  Within minutes, the other 3 were racing into the kitchen to eat ’em!  I figure that my maw was smiling down from heaven!

I picked up 7 pounds of them this year.  They went quick (with a little bit of help from their Grandad and I)  This year, the “Pig Tail Queen” was Jill’s Brooke.  The kid lost a mouth full of baby teeth, but still managed to proclaim, “Look Aunt Nan!  I picked it clean!”.  She was one determined little girl.  (pictured)  Man, she put them away this year!

Also cooked a center cut pork loin, country ribs (I think that maw always cooked spare ribs, but we like the meatier country style), sauerkraut, mashed potatoes, lima beans, baked apples, and finally another “hit”…….  I had gone to a client’s “Filipino/American” Christmas party years ago.  They had a fabulous angel hair pasta dish.  When I inquired about the ingredients, she said, “PORK DRIPPINGS with a little bit of salt”.  (I cook about half of the pork with kraut, and the other half without for the pasta).