An Amazing Day!

Today was an amazing day!

I’ve been writing my blog since I first got diagnosed in 2008.  And a lot of you have actually spent time reading my blog and, for that, I’m grateful.  I write the blog to get things off my chest.  I write the blog so I don’t have to explain things to my mother.  I write the blog because it makes me feel like I’m doing something.  But I write the blog because sometimes you just need to put it out there.  And when you do it in a blog you don’t have to argue your point…it’s your point and that’s all there is to it.

Now, as for “what I do” – it’s simple – I live.  For those that have read YIDWID you understand that I Do What I Do because I can.  I have cancer, I have a disease and that disease is incurable.

And that sucks!

But that’s sort of like saying I have hair – yeah, I know, this really doesn’t make sense right now but wait for it…hopefully this will be clearer (and for full transparency, this is NOT a grappa fueled diatribe!)  Everyone has hair – some more than others, some fine, some thick, some curly, some straight.  Everyone has hair but not everyone’s hair is the same.

I have cancer, I have a disease, it’s called Multiple Myeloma – but not everyone’s Multiple Myeloma is the same.  Some have heavy chain, some have light chain, some get bloodworm, some get 24 hour urine tests, some take Revlimid, some take Polalidimide (sp?).


I do this because I CAN!

A number of you think I’m doing something special, but I’m doing this because I don’t have to go to the hospital twice a week.  I don’t have to take drugs that wipe me out and leave me without energy.  There are so many things that I don’t have to do it’s really easy to do what I’m doing now.

Today I got so many messages, telling me how I’m inspiring people.  Listening to these messages a bunch of these people have their own diseases to fight…you inspire me!  Now with my #DailyStairs I’m also getting to know a lot of people that are fighting the fight or have lost the fight.  For me, I”m running a bunch of stairs and tweeting and fbooking!  That’s not fighting!  Today I got a flurry of donations, in addition to all these comments.  I’m not trying to be humble but I really appreciate all your comments – they really help to keep me going.  I also really appreciate all your donations – they are going to help me find a way to get this disease out of the “incurable” category in my lifetime!  At some point this disease is going to come back at me, and I’ll be back on the drugs, trying to motivate myself but I guarantee there will be someone else out there helping to “promote global hair loss” and fight this disease.  With all of you behind me I have no worries!

As I said, Today Was An Amazing Day!  Thank you!