A Week in Knitting

I have been a highly disciplined knitter this week and successfully kept up with the clues in the Torirot Mystery Mitt knitalong… even though I don’t absolutely love the look of them. 
These pictures are from the weekend.
As I suspected, the right hand mitt includes an image of Colin walking away from his wheelchair – the power of love and nature will do that to a sick child. Or not.
I have a problem with the imagery, which will take such a lot of explaining to anyone who hasn’t read “The Secret Garden”… or it would if my knitting was good enough!
In fact, my tall and skinny stitches leave the casual bystander in some doubt as to what they are looking at. A tree? A skeleton? A wheelbarrow? Who knows! Other knitters, whose stitches are shorter and plumper, have clearly pictorial mitts.
I have… mystery mitts!

So I have persevered, even though I don’t really LOVE them, on the principle that they will keep my hands warm if the snow comes.
When will I learn that I am temperamentally unsuited to mystery knitalongs? I like to know what I am getting before I start.
I did notice that Kate Davies had a picture of some Swedish embroidery on her blog that looks a lot like the cuff pattern – interesting! And that is perhaps what I like best about these mitts: they draw from a different knitting heritage to the one I am used to.

Swedish embroidery from Kate Davies’ blog

My carry-around project has been the second Thornfield sock and I am halfway down the foot. With a strong wind behind me I might finish those this week. 
With that in mind, I cast on my first Arnulf sock from the Rachel Coopey / Knitting Goddess sock club. I was determined to get started in January… before the February club package arrives! I have cast on for the Large size, with a view to these being FL’s birthday socks. Even if he notices me knitting them, he will have forgotten by June.  Ten rows of twisted rib in brown yarn – you don’t need a picture of that!  More on that project next week.

Monte Rosa

Thinking ahead, I am over-excited about the Monte Rosa pattern and the French organic wool I have ordered to knit it. I would really like to devote myself to this cardigan in February: just knit it, with no messing about.

Skein Queen Voluptuous

I am so tired of my own indecision when it comes to full-sized garment knitting. You remember I was going to knit the Lush cardigan using Skein Queen Voluptuous in two colours?
WHY? Lush would look so much better in a single colour, and the Skein Queen yarn would look so much better made into the Katie sweater! So clearly that is what I plan to do… after Monte Rosa :)

Katie sweater