49 before 50: Sewing for the Long-term

All too often, my sewing is fly-by-night, whimsical and unplanned.
The plans I make gather dust and quickly lose their lustre as I am sucked into a vortex of making The Latest Thing without considering whether it is truly “me”.

Meanwhile, I gaze longingly at the garments produced by small-scale artisan designers like Anna Allen or the 3191 gals or Nadinoo and almost nearly convince myself that I should buy those things because they are perfect in every way:  so classic, simple, wearable…

Top from by3191

Whoa whoa there, Roo!  I thought you knew how to sew your own?
Couldn’t you just make those things?

Around about here is where I start to complain about how difficult it is to find the right fabric.  Oh poor me – I live in a field on the edge of the universe with intermittent broadband access – sigh!

But you see that linen blouse right there, from “by3191” in Maine USA?  It was priced at $145 and is Sold Out.
So when I read that they had bought the fabric in the UK… I started to scour all the likely sources and it actually didn’t take me very long to find it at Merchant and Mills for £17.50 per metre.  Of course!  Where else?!
Looking again at the 3191 photo… that scarf may very well be made from Merchant and Mills gingham!

And while the original top is not far off the Built By Wendy pattern Simplicity 3835… if I am making my own it could be from any pattern I like! 

It could even be my new best friend, the Camber pattern.

All of which is my rambling way to say:  instead of mooning about gazing at unobtainable perfection from the other side of the world, I should just pull my finger out, accept that the good stuff costs more, and make my own classics.  2 metres of that linen will cost me £35, but if I wear it even half as often as my dark denim Kelly skirt or either Camber Dress it will be a bargain.  Maybe a bit casual-looking for the workplace? But speaking as someone with newly-blue hair, it’s all relative!

While waiting for my fabric to arrive, I dug out my (expensive) organic fairtrade denim from the deepest depths of the stash (a 2009 purchase), to make a Peggy skirt (top photo in this post).  It had been lurking so long that it had started to suffer from eau-de-damp-farmhouse.  Tsk!  Sewing is postponed until I get it washed and dried.

Next weekend?  Goodness me – next weekend I could have a whole new outfit! But even if it takes me a few weeks to get round to sewing both items, that’s just fine too.  There’s no rush.

I might even interrupt my plan to make a couple of Plantain t-shirts. Another classic-in-the-making style if I ever I saw it.  Robert Kaufman Laguna jersey in Onyx?  Ooh yes – I think so!

Deer and Doe Plantain tee

Ommmm!  Goodness me, I am so chilled out I am practically an iceberg ;)