35 Days old today

Tony’s hospital visit was a good one yesterday.  Finally, no tweaking with his blood work!  YAY
All his numbers are in line.  Hemoglobin is staying stable in the low 90s.  Not good, but as long as it’s stable, they’re ok with that.  Magnesium and potassium is ok.  They even stopped his hydration with home care. However, this doesn’t mean that he can STOP drinking!!!  Nope.  He must get 2-3 litres of fluid every day.   That’s difficult for healthy ones, imagine him.  So, I continue to nag him, offering him a huge variety of beverages.  I’m finding that when I put a straw in the drink, you drink more.  Thank you for that tip, whoever you were.
They did find his pulse very high.  130.  Should be around the 80 range.  They are saying it’s dehydration. I wonder if they’ll be doing a test next week to figure that one out. It’s been weeks that it’s been high.  In the meantime, he is taking his own pulse every 6-8 hours.  It has dropped since yesterday.
After having a stem cell transplant, it is normal to be put on a maintenance plan with chemo to keep the cancer from coming back.  Since he will be having another stem cell transplant within the three month range, they want to put him on maintenance plan to keep this cancer at bay.  Guess what?  Back on steroids!!!!! Instead of taking them 4 days on, 4 days off, it’s only once a week.  Tonight will be a high energy wired night with him……God help me!  Plus they put him back on the Revlimed for 21 days on and 7 off.  15 mg, as opposed to the 25mg he was on.  However, to get this particular drug, they have to apply again to get approval.  Once the doctors take you off this medication, they don’t usually allow you to go back on it.  So, they are rewording the application to indicate that he is on maintenance and not treatment.  Fingers crossed.  In the meantime, the hospital “gave” him one month supply, till the application comes through.  Should I be saying this?  I guess they have free samples?  This is that medication that cost $10,000 per month at 25mg.  (21 Pills per month)  Crazy expensive stuff.
So, that’s all folks.
Tomorrow, Saturday is a Toronto Chapter Multiple Myeloma group meeting.  I’m hoping to make it there and get more information on the Walk this coming June. I’m really hoping to break records in fund raising for this event.  I will be soliciting for walkers and donations…..sorry everyone.
My next post will be about the Walk.
Good day everybody!