Wider than the screen Knitting

Waffle Cream socks by Anne Hanson (Knitspot)

I was up with the birds on Saturday morning and had the shopping done and the floors scrubbed before 11am.
Yes, scrubbed.  Proper hand-and-knees cleaning with a bucket of soapy water and a brush.  Ugh.
After that, sewing felt like an energetic step too far… and there was also the small matter of table space, or lack of it.
Because FL bought a giant tv.
I’ll pause here for The Girl in London to wipe the tears of laughter from her eyes.  Hi Girl!
There is so much I could say on this subject:  how a giant tv was the beginning of the end of my first marriage, how I would prefer not to have a tv at all, how truly madly deeply much I dislike oversized electrical gadgets… deep breaths now Roo…. calm…. and breathe…. aaaah!
But here is the thing:  FL is really not well at all.  He has given up his golf club membership because he can’t walk very far.  His hearing has deteriorated, and so has his eyesight.  But he loves watching the news and Time Team repeats.
Our old tv is very old and very small and he can’t see the subtitles.  Besides which, it has become impossible to tune.  If I perch the aerial on top of “Roman Camps in Scotland”, with an 8 inch overhang from the edge of the kitchen worktop, we can get BBC1 and Channel 4, but nothing else… and even then it “explodes” every few minutes.  Ever watched only the top half of Masterchef with spluttering intermittent sound?  Greg’s bald head has limited visual appeal…
Now, I have been arguing that the problem is the signal / aerial relationship, due mainly to trees and the relative position of the transmitter… and not the tv set.  FL didn’t believe me.  So he and a friend went shopping.  I came home to find a new addition to the Sofa of Doom.
Words fail me.

EDITED TO REMOVE PHOTO OF TV BOX ON SOFA – and a note to spammers – please leave my little blog alone.  I assume you found me through the image of the tv box?  It has been removed – don’t come back please.

And until such time as we can work out how to lift the old tv out of the corner (it may have a small screen but it is about 2 feet deep and very very heavy), the new tv is on the table.  It is taking up the whole of the table.
Oh… and it doesn’t work. Ha ha ha ha ha!  It is so ridiculous that all I can do is laugh!  Giant TV doesn’t have any more hope of picking up a signal than Small TV.
So I am knitting.

Cabled Cropped Cardi from Learn to Knit Love to Knit

And knitting some more.
And FL is sleeping.
And sleeping.
And coughing.
And sleeping.
At some point today, I am going to have to take charge of this situation and get the wheelbarrow into the front room to move the old tv out and the new one in, so that at least we can use the table.
And I suppose tomorrow I will have to arrange for a roof aerial to be installed.
Until then… I am knitting.

John Huston, Tarnished Hero by Rachel Coopey


Do any of you have any better ideas?!
Thought not.