Which sofa?

This is the biggest decision I have to make nowadays. Which sofa shall I lie on? Not that it matters too much as it’s not long until I am asleep anyway. And at least I have a choice I suppose and I am lucky enough to have a lovely view from the one in the conservatory, although it does get rather warm in there.

Unfortunately the pain in my legs seems to be getting worse so I am having to dose myself up on even more medication which results in more sleeping. Those who know me well, know that I was never that keen on sleeping in the first place, I have always thought it such a waste of precious hours, now I don’t get the choice.

I know it won’t be for long, I have got to let my body rest etc etc but I am really getting fed up of it all. I mean it’s not as if I can play about on the computer, write my book or just lie there and dream up some new business idea, the pain and tiredness is just too distracting for that. Writing this blog is as much as I can do, but I do like to keep it going if I can. Chemo has a cumalitive effect and I think this last dose is bashing my body hard.

Perhaps it will just be a few more days and then I will start to turn the corner again.

I am thinking of all those people going to jobs they dont enjoy, I bet they wouldn’t mind a day lounging about in the sunshine.

Kate is popping round sometime soon which will help to distrct me and perhaps act as another pain killer.

Now I could stay in bed a bit longer or move to the sofa downstairs or maybe, now here’s an idea, I could really go full out and spoil myself and lie on a chair in the garden.

Deborah x