Updates April 27-28 2013

Feeling pretty well. Decided to go watch Johnson’s branding for awhile Saturday morning 27 Apr 2013. The calves looked so little. I didn’t stay long because of the dust in the air.

Came home and slept most of the afternoon.

Today, 28 Apr 2013, I had a lot more energy, showered, did 2 loads of laundry, and worked several hours on scanning genealogy files. 

Have a bit of a sinus headache and took 1/2 of pain pill. My bone marrow biopsy site of 26 Apr 2013 continues to be sore. The radiating pain I had down my left leg comes and goes, but I think it is getting better. Harder waiting for the results.

Cora made me some potato salad and Earl delivered it –  yum! Had a nice visit from Vickie Mae.

Then, I walked Kemmer slowly for quite a ways on the BLM Road South on the Mine HIll.

 At least I was out in the sunlight for almost 40 minutes, which is good for Vitamin D.

 Found a penny that my M sent, I’m sure.

Did the grocery shopping at Ivies and bought dill pickles for the leg cramps. Visited my father for awhile. Came home to work on the computer some more. Had a slight bloody nose, so my platelets must still be way too low.