Travel from Idaho to Colorado – April 15 2013

Was scheduled to fly from Idaho Falls, Idaho to Denver, Colorado on 15 April at 1 PM or so. My flight was CANCELED due to mechanical issues and United Express called me before I left on the 1 hour 45 minute drive from Mackay to Idaho Falls airport. I thought I was screwed and called the University of Colorado Hospital to see if they could change my appointment scheduled for 16 Apr 2013.

About that time, United Express called me and told me that I was CONFIRMED on the evening United Express flight to Denver tonight. I called UCH back. So, I napped on the sofa until it was time to leave for the Idaho Falls, Idaho Airport. Went with enough time to stop at Taco Bell for dinner. It was spitting snow in Idaho.

Sat in Seat 3D next to a delightful woman from Washington DC who had been booked on the earlier flight too after being diverted from Salt Lake City, Utah – she had already missed her connecting flight — made my napping on the sofa earlier in the day look pretty good.
The flight went well despite snowy weather. We landed in Denver on a very snowy runway and had to wait out on the tarmac while snowplows cleared almost a foot of snow. I had a window seat and it was interesting to see how they use 12 staggered snowplows to clear the runways.

I wore my N-95 mask the whole trip. I was picked up at the plane with a wheelchair assist and taken all the way to the 6th Floor EAST, Door 613 (involves going length of B-Concourse, a ride on the DIA Train, and then going around in Concourse A to the outside door) where Jani picked me up. It took her an extra hour to get the airport in the snowstorm. Then, just to give Jani’s PATIENCE a workout, we and a lot of other people that were behind 2 snowplows on US85 going 20 miles per hour with no opportunity to pass for more than half the trip to Greeley. Didn’t get to Greeley until about 11:15 PM…but, we got here!