Throw You OUT OF BED Leg Cramps – April 24 2013

THEY’RE BACK – those ‘throw you out of bed leg cramps” in my calves. Woke me at 12:30 PM and I thought I was going to be crippled for the rest of my life. Found my dorsi-flexion boots in my closet and the rest of the night went well. I’m not on any chemo just Dex 10 mg every other day, so, I’m not sure where the vice-like cramps came from. I’ve had suggestions to drink a little pickle juice to control them – but, nothing works better than the brace – that is – if you have it on.

Walked Kemmer this afternoon. I was probably overdressed in my down jacket since it was 55 degrees with no wind.

I’m busy SCANNING SCANNING SCANNING genealogy files that my grandmother and mother left me. I’ve practically moved my entire office into my living room. I’ve made several contacts with relatives that I’ve never met and I’m send it all off to them.