Something to Put On

So… I wrote my Spring switchover post, made myself a top, dressed myself, and went to work on Monday morning as usual.  Life goes on.
But I was frustrated with myself.  I could not believe that I am in an apparently endless loop of cardigan-lack.  Really, Roo?
So when I went home, I flung open the wardrobe doors and looked again.
And realised that I was lying – to myself and to you.  I DO have “something to put on“.  I am just a drama queen.

Full Disclosure of woollies fit for work, grouped by weight (heaviest first):
Seasalt teal aran cardigan
Norah Gaughan-pattern purple aran cardigan (me made)

Betty Jean McNeil cardigan (me made)
Jack Wills fair-isle yoke cardigan

Lime green vintage cashmere cardigan
Audrey-in Unst cardigan (me made)
Bettie’s Pullover (me made)
Boden taupe wool polo neck

Black cotton  3/4 sleeve polo neck
Brora black slinky evening sweater

What I really meant was that I tend to have one big cover-all cardigan which goes with absolutely everything I own (in the sense that it is so utterly neutral and anonymous that I don’t even notice I am wearing it), and when that garment collapses under the strain of constant wear, I am bereft.  Silly moo.

THAT is an entirely different problem from the one I described, people!

I need to try wearing what I have.  Get a flipping grip, Roo!

So I have made myself a spreadsheet :D
Imagine – I could even make a pie-chart at the end of the month :D

Every day I will note my Top, Bottom and Outer garments, and aim to mix it up a bit more.  Get out of that navy woolly rut.
A plan – I have one!

P.S. And I am going to knit a black cardigan too…