Short and sweet

So far we have done what we usually do when we go away ….Nothing! Well except for eat , drink, chat and laugh a lot. This post isn’t going to be the picture frenzy as promised but here is a quick look inside the van this morning and Colin with his first cup of tea of the day.


The campsite here is pretty quiet and we both slept very well as usual when we are away. We haven’t met up with Sue and Angela for our morning briefing yet, but it won’t be long as both our signals that act as an alert that we are open for visitors, are up.

Being away together, which we do quite often in various parts of the world, usually constitutes a lazy breakfast, perhaps looking at maps to sort out our next route or just general chit chat followed by maybe another rest (chatting can be so exhausting ) or moving on to our next destination, then a chat and another sleep, depending where we are in the world. Together we have been to Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, Holland, Prague and many places in the UK. It also usually involves quite a large consumption of the local beer or wine. Unfortunately this trip has constituted being near a hospital and no alcohol, well not for me anyway.

Both Colin and I find the whole getting ready for and going away very exciting. Maybe we are just simple folks! We love stopping off at the local service station first to choose our new books and magazines for the trip and filling the cupboards with all sorts of holiday treats. So far I have eaten my way through a whole packet of chocolate covered peanuts a separate packet of chocolate covered raisins and a bar of whole nut chocolate. We have also indulged in birthday cake, scones with jam, clotted cream and strawberries and home baked rock cakes. So I must say a big thank you to Lorna and Shirley, the home baked cooking was much appreciated by us all.

Not sure where we will be going or what we will be doing next.