Plugging Multiple Myeloma

I had a wonderful conversation with a new friend on the trials of myeloma, and it was interesting that we’ve both experienced to some degree the nonchalant reactions when faced with our disease.
The saying to walk a mile in one’s own moccasins could never be far from the truth, sometimes you get the feeling that no one cares or your cause and or experience is not of interest…., or better yet taken seriously….

I’m reviewing various sources to promote Another Face of Multiple Myeloma, and after extensive research I found there a not many books on patient related experiences, which I find odd, with the exception of popular myeloma blogger Pat Killingsley, I found just two other personal stories from author’s penned memoirs on myeloma, and one unfortunately passed away and the other I’m desperately trying to gather contact information.

I was in the process of working with a top myeloma foundation to present my book to readers that could possbly relate to my experience, and in a nut shell told that there’s a review process and at this time they are not considering reviewing author’s works- well excuse me but I may not have time when they become ready.
I find of all visible resources out there’s very little books on personal reflections, why are we not seeing more direct patient stories who are going though this? I don’t know if I can truly answer the question,as I’m still perplexed by it, but I do know …. Another Face of Myeloma is not just my story but the story of so many who may be trying to plug and display their personal experiences with multiple myeloma.

Mad About Myeloma is a movement- and not just for one individual facing mm
but for many. I welcome any new author’s who have penned their works and want a forum to display. I’m opening the door to feature these such writers such as myself here on this blog- please spread the word and get back to me…

Another Face….