Patient doing ok

Good evening.
Today was bedridden day for both of us.  Totally exhausting few days.  I rested and got caught up on much needed sleep.  The worrying has gotten the best of me.  Every thought and every thing I do revolves around my husband’s condition first.
Tony had breakfast & lunch in bed.  Basically got up only to use the bathroom.  In the afternoon he was getting stir crazy and began watching TV on the couch.
Business calls kept coming in for most of the day.  Both best wishes from customers and work related questions.  Kept him busy.  Made him feel important, I think.  Robert and Joseph and Dale are doing great at the office keeping things together and the staff at the back are working great.  If you’re reading this, just know that we know how much you care.  Know that all your wishes were forwarded to us.  Much appreciated since these past few days off were not planned.
His swelling has come down.  Let’s see what the doctor says Wednesday.