Our Garden is Finally Planted

A friend of ours gave us some G-90 Sweet Corn seeds that we still have to put in the ground…. other than that, we’re finally finished.

This year, I decided to buy some Heirloom Tomato plants.  If they work out, I might go strictly heirloom next year.

I’m also going to buy a “seed starter” and just buy seeds next year.

Geez, I LOVE this time of year!

(For my own recollection, I planted the following)  :

Heirloom Tomatoes:
1 Black Prince
1 Yellow Pear  (miniatures)
1 German Queen
3 Rainbow Blend

Cherry Tomatoes:
3 Mini Charm
3 Sweet 100
3 Sweet Million

6 Better Boy
1 Big Boy  (test….not watering like Dennis)

6 Sweet Banana
6 Hot Banana
4 Jalapeno

2 Mounds Burpless

Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans