Oats and Beans and Barley-o

The Girl is visiting for a week and has declared herself an L-plate vegetarian.
As she has a milk allergy, this makes her… a vegan who eats eggs?

DIY muesli:  oats, barley flakes and assorted seeds and dried fruits

She was slightly alarmed by my enthusiastic response to this plan, involving grow-your-own beansprouts and bread-baking.  She said she wasn’t planning on being “that sort of vegetarian”.  Heh heh heh – is there another kind?!  

Roman Army Spelt bread, recipe from the Doves Farm flour packet

Well, yes of course there is, and it is likely that we will hit the vegeburgers before the week is out, but for the time being, I am brandishing The Veganomicon with born-again zeal.

The Menu:
Saturday:  Chick Pea Romesco with basmati rice and steamed broccoli followed by Lemon Drizzle Cake (baked by The Girl)

Sunday:  Thai Vegetable Green Curry with noodles, made by The Girl

Monday:  Lemon and Green Pea Risotto with roasted red peppers and a green salad

Tuesday:  Penne Vodka with steamed purple sprouting broccoli and mange tout, followed by The Girl’s Chocolate Brownies

Probably the best brownies in the universe

Wednesday:  Refried Beans (from a wonderful old vegy recipe book) with wraps and sweetcorn and salsa

Thursday:  Pineapple and cashew nut quinoa
Friday: Pumpkin Baked Ziti with caramelised onions and a sage crumb topping

Don’t you wish this was chocolate brownies?
…not just a freshly-ploughed field?