My Story is Your Story…. Or Is it?

Okay, it’s clear those with mm have experienced different journeys than others, whether doctor care, medicine faux paus, infections, lesions, renal issues, anemia, Thrombosis, or no signs of  lingering harsh effects at all.

My pain in the $#^ with myeloma as of this Tuesday April 23 is just the slight uncomfortable discomfort ever so lightly in the lower chest area, like someone gave me a hard push in the chest, or the slight pain at the lower back, where the lesion is being watched once a year with hopes it doesn’t act up and calling for treatment. My only treatment thus far has been radiation at the chest sternum, and me hoping my skin turns back to normal, well 2 1/2 years in, I’ve realized this isn’t going to happen! Radiation burn is just that a horrible burn!

Health coverage– no issues yet, but than again I’m not on medicine so not sure of the bull that comes with having to be medicated for a specific amount of time.

Bone marrow transplant– my doctor never suggested this plan for my journey, which is good because I don’t know for me if I would choose to go this route, and considering what is at stake with the recovery process…. just don’t know about that, and I hope I don’t have to ponder this decision any time soon….

Stories so different but condition still the same- like how the heck did we all get in this predicament is the question.

What’s your story?