Long Day at Humber River Hospital today

Shouldn’t have been, but it was.  LOTS of people in the room waiting for treatment.Took an hour just to register at the clinic.
We got the official word that Tony’s oncologist, Dr. K. has taken an early maturnity leave by three weeks.  She did warn us that it might happen so we were prepared for the news.  We wish her well with her pregnancy and birth of twins.
So, now we are dealing with Dr. P.  She has a great demeanor about her. We’ve been fortunate with Tony’s doctors so far.  She shared with us that the biopsy will be for a stubborn infection,  plasmacytoma or testicular cancer.  Testicular cancer would be good news compared to plasmacytoma as it’s almost 100% curable, nowadays.  Biospy is scheduled for April 11, 8am.  One week more for the results.
Tony’s number (m protien) rose by 3 points :(  Should be going down.
Generally, blood results were ok and she went ahead with the chemo.
He took his steriods late this afternoon.  Hopefully, the sleeping pills will make him rest up for tonight.  We are both exhausted.