How frustrating …

…just when I thought I was having a week off I get an email requesting I go back for another blood and urine test next Tuesday. This is all to check that I couldn’t be pregnant! Honestly I can assure you that having a diagnosis of cancer and feeling as grotty as I do does not equate to feeling particularly sexy! If I am pregnant I am going to sign myself up to some holy order and thank God for sending a miracle my way, not that I want another child, God forbid, but it would have to be divine intervention that made that happen, unless I was so drugged up I didn’t notice it happening of course. I somehow don’t think that’s Colin style!

Yesterday was pretty boring although it was punctuated by some pleasantries. The postman bought me a lovely card from Jem saying how much her and Elliot loved me and wishing me well. And I received my first copy of Compers News, that has kindly been subscribed to me by my Aunty Maureen in Australia. Although I didn’t have much energy yesterday I did manage to read through some of the pages and send a few email competitions off. Now I just need to buy some stamps and postcards to send off a few more. I love doing competitions, I suppose it’s the anticipation of winning or not and as you know from previous posts I have been quite lucky in the past.

It was also good to see our friends yesterday afternoon and plan some time away in our motor homes for Colin and Sue’s birthday’s next week. We will only go somewhere local but it will be nice to have a change of scenery.

This afternoon my good friend and colleague Allison is picking me up and taking me for a brief outing so I will have a nice relaxing lie in and bath this morning. I try to think of this as a luxury but I don’t think I could manage to jump out of bed with a sprint in my step just yet even if I wanted to, which of course I do.

I do know I have to allow myself time. I have put my body through quite an ordeal and according to the books I leaf through at the hospital it will take quite a few months to get back to anywhere near normal and I have some more treatments to go yet. Still I have done pretty well so far and will continue to stay positive. Writing the blog and planning the Summer Party helps.

Good to know you are all there behind me and thank you for your continuous support and encouragement.

Enjoy the sunshine when you can.

Deborah x