Hospital Update

OK Myeloma fans, here is your latest update.

FL’s Freelite score has gone up to 93 (from 35.7 last month and a “steady” 30 something for the several months previous to that).  This is bad but not a complete catastrophe.  Another Freelite test sample was sent off today.  We were previously warned that if the magic number hit 100, he would be taken off the chemo regime.  I will be very surprised if this does not happen next month.

His kidney function is also showing a gradual deterioration, with creatinine now measuring 131, compared to 126 last month, 122 before that… all the way back to 97 in November.

His blood is showing elevated calcium levels.  (Bad, bad, bad!)

The doctor’s main concern today was his latest chest infection.  So more antibiotics have been administered.

In osteonecrosis news, he was finally seen by his local dentist to administer the filling prescribed some time before Christmas by the hospital dentist (who doesn’t do “cosmetic” work).  They did half the job last week and left him with a rough edge which has been cutting his tongue all weekend.  He went back yesterday for a filing session.  Much better.

But the hospital doctor today was not pleased that he had not stopped taking his oral bisphosphonates before having the work done, as he has put himself in danger of a osteonecrosis flare-up.  So help me, I dropped the dental ball again!  In my defence, I don’t have a medical degree or a qualification in pharmacology:  I just read blogs.  However, in her words: “He got away with it, perhaps!”

8 rows of complicated sock knitted without error, but exceedingly slowly, in the waiting room.  Remind me that I need a PLAIN sock for haematology days! 

General summary:
Not so good, but we’re fine.