Good tests

Laura, can’t you give me some time. I got to give myself one more chance to be the man that I know I am
Laura – Scissor Sisters

Day 34 : … Haemoglobin 10.3 … Neutrophils 1.5 (approx*) … Platelets 59 …

My weekly blood tests. The process is crap – three hours, it takes them. At the end I wait 20 minutes for a doctor’s blessing, regardless of the fact that I have the numbers in front of me and even I can see that all is well, despite my utter absence of medical training.

But I will forgive the NHS it’s appalling timewasting on this occasion, because all the news is good. My neutrophils are up from last week, with only minimal “stimulation”. Meaning my immune system is getting stronger.

My haemoglobin is up too, of it’s own accord. Still low compared to “normal”, but that will take time. It’s not much lower now than when I went in to hospital. And my platelets have doubled, also of their own accord, which is really good, because they have been a problem for a while. Not, it appears, any more.

All in all, my body is doing what a body should. No transfusions required. On track, I firmly believe, to be declared “transfusion independent” next week, and be permitted to get my line taken out. Yay!

* For some reason my results came back with a total white blood count (2.3) but not split by types of -phil. I couldn’t face waiting even longer until the detailed version appeared on the system, so I’m taking an educated guess of my neutrophils. Number may be wrong. Direction of travel is not.