It would be a fair assessment to conclude that, of late, My Myeloma is winning in this game I call life. It turns out that myeloma is quite consuming. In case you thought otherwise.

So, to Myeloma, my controlling master, I ask you what you did yesterday? Because I did this:


With a little help from my Kenwood, I stood up in my kitchen for four hours, I got down on all fours and spilt Lucky Charms all over the kitchen floor, in between cake baking time, I attempted to clean. You made yourself known, you always do, but the key thing is, I did this in spite of you and your ‘limitations’. In your face bitch.

I bet you couldn’t make a three tiered multicoloured birthday cake covered in trash cereal glued on my calorific icing. I think we just need to look at more pictures, because I genuinely believe that yesterday, I produced a work of just about edible art.


This simple act of defiance pleases me. I would have done this before, and I am doing it still.

And so, I would like to say happy non milestone birthday to George and also a happy birthday to Rachael, two wonderful members of the Network, who along with others, makes it possible for me to stand up for four hours in order to bake.

Much love,