Decision made – Let’s drain

Chemo Cycles
Just sharing.  With multiple myeloma, they put you on cycles of 28 days with the velcade (chemo) needle and then dexamethasone pills (steriods), cyclophosmide (chemo) pills.  It’s Day 1 of his 6th cycle.  He has missed a few due to the past few weeks of this testicle complication.  But today, we are back on track.
We arrived at the hospital for the usual chemo day appointment.  The oncologist phoned us as we were still in the parking lot to say that they decided to drain the wound and testicle area that same day.  We said we were already around and would wait.
In the morning we did our usual routine with blood work, weighing in, blood pressure, etc.
Doctor’s visit
She confirmed the biopsy results with us.  Even though urology did, it was ok to hear it again from oncology.So, basically, those little buggers (myeloma cells) congregated to Tony’s testicle to avoid the chemo.  We learned today that our bodies have what she called a “sanctuary”.  Parts where our bodies keep protected.  Like our brain and DNA areas.  So, the myeloma cells gathered there and were “hiding” from treatment, multiplying in the meantime as well.  The overage continued on towards the cord and around the bladder.  So far, they feel that the cord is not located in a protected area and the current chemo should kill them.  However, Princess Margaret Hospital has requested all sorts of numbers from blood work and biopsy to see where he is post surgery.  They will decided the next step.  In the meantime, chemo treatment was a go with the needle and pills.  All of the above was also discussed during a meeting with about 17 doctors reviewing special cases.  Dr. W at Humber said he has never seen this happen in the testicles in his 30 years of experience.  Unbelievable!  Tony had to be that “special” patient.   :)
(Thank you Elia for coming over on your day off and treating us to a DELICIOUS lunch!  Much needed.  Great company)
After lunch we basically had to wait for the urologist to arrive from another hospital.  She was operating all morning and coming to us to perform the drainage.
I was queasy waiting for this procedure.  I can only imagine what my husband was going through.  This pit in my stomach was unreal.  The surgery was ok for me.  He was asleep and didn’t have to hear anything.  But this procedure he would be awake.  YIKES!  So, at 1:30 they began prepping him for the doctor’s arrival.  All the nurses in the chemo department were giving him heck for going to work too early.  Poor Tony :(
I hope he will listen to me when I say to take things slow.
Finally, around 2:45, Dr. S. arrived and was reviewing all the accessories on the table that she’d need for this procedure.  I was getting nervous.  I asked her to just tell me when to leave, because I really didn’t mind.  Those of you who know me well, know that I don’t do well with these kind of things……I see blood, I get dizzy and feel faint.  So, the time came and I left the room, but not really.  He was in a large room and they just closed the drapes.  I found a chair close by within earshot and listened.  He was with the Dr. and about 2-3 females nurses.  They froze him, which as per Tony was the worst of it.  Afterwards he just felt mild tingles.  They poked him about 11 times.  She wasn’t happy with the amount that came out.  She was hoping more would, but most of the blood had lost it’s liquid form.  Anyways, the bottles were taken for testing.  Oncology wanted tests done for myeloma and leukemia.  Dr. S. just put two bandages on the area and sent him home.  He is bedridden till Wednesday.  It was a very long day for us.  Arrived home at 5:30 exhausted.
That night Gus, Fran, Rob & and his wife  Fran came over and treated us to a delicious Chinese dinner.  It was great to not have to deal with dinner that night.  They planned it all and treated!  And dessert….Bombe.  mmmmmmm pastries.
Thanks guys!
Enjoy the weekend everyone.  The weather here is sunny and warming up.