Cycle 2 Pomalidomide For Relapse Update – April 8 2013

Kemmer had her 5th Birthday on April 6 2013. She is the BEST dog!

I’ve had a couple of better days. Was able to walk Kemmer a bit even though my heart rate soars because my hemoglobin is 8 point something.

Winter has returned to the Big Lost River valley – which is normal – our week of spring-like weather last week was UNUSUAL.

I think I’ve figured out how Pomalidomide (Pomalyst) is effecting me. I take it at night on an empty stomach as recommended now (no food 2 hours prior or 2 hours after). I have to admit that I wasn’t careful about that prior to Cycle 2. 

Taking Pomalyst in this way has really reduced the amount of GI upset I experience.  Pomalyst caused my upper GI tract to distend and did not allow for normal emptying of my stomach resulting in belching, reflux, and abdominal pain radiating to my back. It also stopped the peristalsis in my lower GI tract resulting in constipation. I have been able to control the constipation with Senna-S and Phillips Tablets each night.  I have tried to avoid ANY pain pills as they would only contribute to my decreased gut motility. I am careful to drink LOTS of water each day – 2,000 to 3,000 ml.

I’m pretty sure Pomalyst causes my daily left-sided neck and head pain too.

Today, April 8th is my best day all week because I’m on the recovery time from Dex 40 mg. I’m supposed to take Dex 40 mg each Tuesday (tomorrow). I’ve decided that I’m going to spread out the 40 mg dose over 4 days this week to see how that works for me.