Complications, from the complication

Well you all know what happened last week. The night of the surgery, (Thursday) he had a fever.
On the Friday, the “area” looked swollen.  No pain.  Felt great.  Low grade fever in the evening.  Kept monitoring it during the night.  We called the surgeon’s office and left a message.
She called us back on Saturday morning saying low grade fever is ok.  Stay rested and stay home.  If things change we were to go to emergency.  Well, on Saturday, before the call, I had errands to run and Tony decided to come along.  I dropped him at the office for an hour.  He just wanted to clear his inbox and paperwork because he missed a couple of days at work.  So, when I picked him up, he had spoken to the doctor and I just took him straight home.
Once home, the swelling got worse.  Same thing re the fever at night.  Low grade.  Never higher than 38.3.
Sunday was really the same complaints but steady.  No fever that night.  But the constipation due to the percocets was getting unbearable.  Sunday night was a rough one.  Minimal sleeping for both of us.  Worst case of constipation ever.
Monday morning we called the surgeon to book an appointment to see her same day.  The area was continuing to swell along with the pelvic area.  It was starting to feel like the previous growth.  The wound area was healing nicely.  No sign of infection there.
Our appointment was for 1pm.  So we continued to take it easy in the morning.  Although, the constipation was getting unbearable for Tony.  He stopped taking the Percosets.
Let’s just say that we bonded today like never ever.  It was me, Tony and the Rexall enema kit.  That’s all I’m saying.  But I will say, it was successful within 5 minutes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Greatest relief Tony has ever felt.  His voice was back to normal.   He had a smile.  Demeanor all good.  Life was good again.  LOL
Oh ya, we still have to deal with this swelling!
So we saw the surgeon and she agreed that this was not normal.  She said it could be one of three things:
Hernia, bleeding or worse case scenario, myeloma related again.
She requested an urgent ultrasound of testicle area.  We drove to Humber River Hospital and we were taken care of really fast.  The technician speculated that it was blood in the testicle.
Doctor called us later in the day to confirm this.  She also says that there might be an infection.
BED REST for Tony till the next appointment Wednesday afternoon.  Bed rest!  Poor me.  He can only get up to use the bathroom…..Lucky dog!
She also shared with us that if it’s an infection, they would have to open him up again to deal with it.  No antibiotics for now.  As I type, stitches still look dry and clean.  No pussing. Still dealing with a low grade fever.
Fingers and toes crossed for us please.