Career Change and Cancer


I’m pondering so many thoughts of how to live a productive and drama free life.
My life in the fashion industry is indeed not easy, but there is a certain thrill that comes along with the journey.

My company Spitfir Productions is in the midst of making huge moves, which brings point to the subject Career Change and Cancer….

How does one make a huge career move all while maintaining health coverage and days built up of the years as employed. When a working professional is diagnosed with an incurable illness, not only is survival to be thought on, but how to survive if employment is not an option. I’m blessed, blessed, blessed, where I can still be heavily active; However I met many who are not fortunate and have literally stopped working because they don’t have the energy,or in too much pain to be bothered.

Having a career in general is not an easy task especially for many trying to decipher what they want to do and how to go about it. When diagnosed with cancer that’s the monkey wrench in the sceneraio…. how to maintain when quite frankly you’re sick. it’s a hard decision and not everyone is given options. career change and cancer is a huge subject, especially for a young person effected in their thirties and forties. This is just another subject to bring on the stress, that is if you don’t have options to consider.

I take that back….

You’re new career change may not be monetary or fullfillment basis, but more about educating yourself to the fullest on the disease and the treatment and cures in the works- that is a career change in iself.

My girl Sherrie above feels the same!