Calling All Bloggers

I am planning to add several new features to my blog in the coming weeks and months, and the first one I’d like to tackle is the development of a slide library which readers can peruse and download. 

I think I make reasonably nice slides. The few I have included in prior posts are personally made using PowerPoint. As an art-major-turned-oncologist, I take some pride in the graphics I create for my lectures. 

I inserted the images above as screen shots, not editable slides. It is important to me that the content be editable to make it as useful to users as possible.  What I am envisioning is essentially an amyloidosis/protein folding disorder/myeloma/hematology/cell biology reference deck one can use in his/her own talks.

No plans to upload entire lectures complete with copyrighted survival curves or tables snatched from journals. 

The question at hand: best way to do it? Advice from blogging gurus out there? Looking at SlideShare currently, but it seems like I would have to load slides in as multiple one-slide files. A friend suggested I also take a peek at Google Docs. 

Any other suggestions? Anybody create something similar to this to which they can point me?