April 29th Zometa Infusion Dr. B Box and tests!

Next Monday, I have my next Zometa infusion and blood work to be shipped to Little Rock.
Hoping for good tests results.   I have been having some kidney problems the last few days, I have a dull ache/”pumpedup” feeling in my right kidney.  For Zometa infusions one must have low Creatnine and Creatnine clearance rates.

I am a little nervous about next week’s tests, been having nightmares/ premonition/premonitionary like
dreams and thoughts.  Last few tests have shown my Kappa/lambda ratio elevated above the top range with the inverse ratio lower than the low range, my B2M was up and my M-protein was 1.1 g/dl
Oh well, could just be crossing the bridge……. before I am up the river…….LOL