SCT Day 36 – The Point Detailed

Just got back from labs at Mt Sinai and acupuncture at my generalist.  On the acupuncture front we’re going to go once per week.  Today was my first visit (I’ve seen the doc for acupuncture before but first visit for this issue).  Unfortunately I forgot to ask that she take a picture until after she stuck me full of needles.  I’ve got another appt next Wed (at Noon I believe) and will have pics then.

For now – I had needles in two parts of my hands (both hands), on both sides of my leg (above ankle, below calf), two parts of my feet and in between the toes in two places.  I also had two needles in my stomach, just below the belly button.  I had four electrical circuits going – two with a slow tap and the other two with more of a buzz feeling.
I was left alone for 20 minutes.  Each time I almost fell asleep I would feel a massive jolt on the left leg (the tapping circuit, not the buzzing circuit.)  Not sure why but I explained it to the doc who was also surprised.  
At the end of the day I’m not noticing anything different.  I will be going once a week for now and am hoping to notice a difference in my feet and calf with respect to the neuropathy.  On the sleep front I did get a prescription for Ativan and am hoping I can use that to put me to sleep tonight!  
Here’s wishing me luck!