Medical update

It is timely to give another medical update. Visits to NUH Dr. C is now at 2 monthly intervals. Since November 2012, Revlimid at 10 mg has been stopped and dexa been reduced from 3x4mg to 2x 4mg per week. The BIG question is what is the M-band readings. The readings of December 2012 and February 2013 are those without Revlimid.
Feb 2012  3.43 g/L
May 2012 3.63
July 2012  2.33
Aug 2012  3.5
Sep 2012   3.0
Oct 2012   3.7
Dec2012   3.5
Feb 2013  4.0
At this level, Dr. C is not concerned and is happy to keep me off myeloma drugs for the time being. This is to allow my immune system to build up on its own. WBC, RBC, HGB, PLT are all within normal range. Liver and kidney functions are normal. Thankfully after stopping Revlimid, WBC is able to come back up and ALT (liver function) normalised, it was on the high side. This shows that the bone marrow factory is working well and has resumed good function. It is probably the right decision to hold off medication and see if M-band would stay the same. My blood pressure had been going up but with the pause in medication, it appears to have improved.

In the meantime, I have asked to start on curcumin, there is no objection and Dr. C is willing to monitor with full blood count after 2 weeks.
I expect I should be feeling physically stronger. (Revlimid was the drug that gives me the most fatigue)
So ….in four weeks time I am going off for a 2 weeks holiday. Doctor said “Keep well and stay well!”
Thank GOD for everything!