2013 JUNE

Graduation time for Hannah.  She will join her sister, Haley(a senior there) at San Diego State University.

 Hannah and Haley – 2013

Kierstin is going into her senior year in high school then she will be off to college.  Her sister Annika is starting 4th grade and twins sister/brother Caitlyn and Eric III start Kindergarten.  Eric II(Rick) and Karen have done a fine job with their tribe.  Time marches on….

Our older son, Mike retired as Battalion Chief from CalFire/CDF last Dec. 2012.
Mike visiting us while we were staying  at the beach in Encinitas at a friends home while she was in Scotland.

Haley visiting us at the beach.  Very nice weather and fantastic home and view thanks to Mary Shinn.

Sister Pixie visiting us at the beach.  That was a surprise for us and her.  Pixie retired as a Battalion Chief from CalFire/CDF, as did my brother Carl.