2013 – A Year to Keep

I have a plan for 2013.  I won’t call it a “resolution” because that’s a sure route to failure. 

This coming year, I want to do things “for keeps”. 

I was doing my home-filing this morning – one of my most-avoided jobs as it feels too much like work.  In the process, it occurred to me that I was storing my bills / bank statements / receipts out of habit, and that they probably serve no long-term purpose.  I looked around the room and had a think about what I would keep if I was packing my bags tomorrow.  And actually… there isn’t much in my home that I would keep “forever”.

In terms of furniture, probably only my daughter’s dressing table, my son’s bookcase, and the kitchen table and chairs.  Jewellery?  My locket and my rings.  Clothing?  The everyday things I wear, mainly self-stitched.  A few photographs.  A few books.  My sewing machine.  My yarn and fabric.  My teapot and cafetiere.  Everything else is disposable.

The criticism that my mother hurls at me from time to time is that I “live like a student”, by which she means that I read too much and haven’t put down roots.  I haven’t nested.  I am perched here, on my northern twig, ready to take flight when the next big storm hits my life.

I haven’t got a problem with that.  The accumulation of stuff disturbs me.  But I like to have a small collection of things that matter to me, that I can carry with me when I next move on.  Things that signify home.  So that wherever I end up, I can empty my metaphorical knapsack on the bed and make that place my own.

What I want to do in the coming year is to continue to clear the clutter, to get rid of the excess baggage that serves no purpose in my life.  And at the same time, to collect together meaningful things that I want to keep.

So it’s not a year of abstinence and denial.  It’s a year of gathering permanence:  sewing good quality clothes that I love, that are “me” and that will stand up to constant wear.  And collecting together the patterns I need to re-create them when they eventually fall apart!  I want to make warm blankets in happy colours:  knitted or crocheted or both.  I want to embroider pillowcases.  Maybe finish my long-languishing quilt.  Make new friends and stay in touch with old ones.  Go places.  Do things.  Write, paint, stitch, be creative.

Happy 2013!