Another Anniversary

It was just 31 short years ago today that I proudly marched across the parade field at MCRD San Diego as part of the graduating platoon 2036.

I look back at that date every year and remind myself that if I commit myself for 84 days, if I physically and mentally test myself around the clock for just 12 consecutive weeks, I can easily sharpen my mind and strengthen my body so that anything is possible.

And then I realize that I struggle to keep that kind of focus for 12 hours, let alone 12 weeks. Today, I've got a better shot at 84 minutes of that kind of commitment than 84 days.

But then I think of something my old drill instructor used to say. "You can stand here and say 'Man I'm screwed' or you can pull your head out of your boot and unscrew yourself."

Yes, he was right then, and he's right now.

Semper Fi.