2012 is Here

Well, it's a new year. We've got a fresh 366 in front of us. Yes, a leap year, what fun.

Presidential election this year, that will consume much of the oxygen and public attention. But this time next year, will the election of one man make that much difference?

No, it won't.

Summer Olympics in London. That will offer some athletic excitement … and a seemingly infinite stream of marketing opportunities. Let's just hope the athletes play clean. I don't think I can stand a lengthy performance enhancing drug controversy.

Not sure why, but I have a sort of negative feeling about 2012. About the only bright spot so far was actually a nice little closeout to 2011.

My car battery has been acting up, I took it back to Wal-Mart to have them look at it. Sure enough, a bad cell. Lucky me, the current battery was purchased in December 2008. And it had a three-year warranty.

So, if I had waited a few days, I would have paid for a new battery. Instead, I got a free replacement. The Wal-Mart folks didn't seem to thrilled about having to give me the free battery, but I was really glad that I stopped in on Dec. 31 to get it checked.

Maybe that's a good sign.