2012 Catching Up

Sorry followers.  We’ve been so busy with Christmas and holiday stuff.
On Friday, December 21 Tony was seen at Sunnybrook Hospital for his back and pain with a specialist.
The doctor discussed with us radiation treatment for his spine.  Because of his fracture and multiple lesions, radiation treatment would be an option.  Better than surgery.  That was encouraging news.  But they don’t recommend it during chemo therapy.  Tony feels he can manage the pain for a couple of months.  It has been getting better.  She also suggested he stop his morning morphine dosage and take only the evening one to see how he feels.  So far, it’s working and lasting the full 24 hours.
The chemo office was closed the entire week during Christmas.  He was instructed to continue with meds and would be missing only one needle.
On Boxing Day we left for Chicago by car for 5 days.  What a great city.  Clean, exciting, nice metropolis and great family time with the boys.  Myself and Robert did have a cough and a bit of a runny nose.  Tony felt great the entire time.  He even survived the long drive.