My first tattoo

I had my appointment at the Clatterbridge Hospital today. It isn’t too far away from me, only about 20 minutes drive, if that. It’s been a lovely day, parked up in the car park and took a slow walk over to the Main entrance, which turned out not to be the main entrance of where I wanted to be. After another walk down the road to another main entrance; it’s a big complex with lots of building, I finally found it.

The people really nice and I was shown to the waiting room where I waited to see the Doctor. She went through the consent forms for the Radio therapy, which I had to sign and then off I went to the planning department.

This is the first time that will have Radio therapy, my last transplant only consisted of Chemo Therapy. I have a test radio therapy on Monday prior to going into hospital for my little holiday. Before that though they have to take various measurement and an MRI scan.

So after getting undressed apart from my underpants, they get you to lie on the bed and take lots of measurements while hugging a pillow with your arms across it that you can’t move. They space out your legs so they are the same distance as your hips and pull you pant nearly off so that they can do accurate measurement, at least that’s the reason the nurse told me! There were about 6 people in the room with me lying on the bed virtually naked. It’s a good job I don’t get embarrassed easily. Not that I think my sexy body would have overwhelmed them with lust somehow!

Once they have everything set up prior to the scan, they mark the position using pen at the top of each leg. Once they are satisfied that everything is correct they make a permanent mark either side, where the pen marks were they tattoo a small dot.

So after 45 years of not having a tattoo, I finally got one. Once I come out of this, I might go and IMG_0003celebrate and get the dot turned into a huge dragon that covers my body …. errrr ok maybe not, but I would consider having a tattoo, not sure what or where or even why really… maybe because I can is a good enough excuse.

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