on……and on….and on……The end of cycle 4

Off to the Marsden with my big sister today (Nick and I decided he needed to get to work and make sure they let him keep his job!) for what we thought would be a relatively quick appointment. Oh why haven’t we learnt our lesson???? In at 10am and out at just before 2pm….urrrgggghhhh!!!

Anyway, 2.5 hours after giving blood and having my zometa (which is a bisphosphonate to strengthen the bones) we finally got in to see one of the registrars….now I sort of wondered if this was a sign as I was pretty sure that if there was anything major to be told, or anything that was going to be changed on that day, that I would have been told to see my consultant not the registrar. Ominous from the start!

So results: Well, my hb (haemoglobin has dropped down to 10.8 again but nothing too worrying, and my total protein has gone down too. Now it isn’t a straightforward link, and you can’t rely on it, but seeing your total protein drop can often be an indicator that your paraprotein (pp) has also dropped. And to date, this has been the case for me. Now, I was slightly surprised at this, and therefore forgot to ask the obvious question – ‘if when