2011: A Year in Stitches

Ginger 1 with Portfoilio blouse

Ginger 2
 It’s that time of year, when sewing bloggers start trawling their archives to count up the Finished Objects. In 2010, I didn’t prepare an Annual Report , which surprises me. Instead, I told you what my plans were for 2011. And did I stick to them? Nope!
But 2011 was an incredibly prolific sewing year and, at the risk of blowing my own trumpet, it was the year in which I identified “my style”. Crikey!
In 2011 I sewed: 5 skirts (3 of them were Gingers); 5 pairs of trousers (4 wide-legged and 1 narrow), 10 tops (including 2 fails) and all 3 views of the Lisette Portfolio dress / tunic / blouse. Hidden in there is my first self-drafted pattern for a pleat-neck tee, and successful sewing of jersey fabrics – woo hoo!From the sublime…
…to the ridiculous! 
Ginger 3

 Lisette portfolio tunic
 Right now, it is hard to remember a time when my wardrobe was not dominated by wide-legged trousers, vintage blouses, Ginger skirts and Lisette Portfolio for home-wear!Audrey-in-Unst 
In the world of knitting, my resolution to knit a pair of socks every month fell by the wayside pretty early on. I managed 4.5 pairs. If I try, I might manage that tenth single sock by the end of the year! But my big knitting accomplishments were finishing Audrey-in-Unst and Betty Jean McNeil: two fingering-weight cardigans in one year! (OK, so most of Audrey happened in 2010 – give me a break will you!)

And latterly I became obsessed by Weekend Hats, knitting 5 patterns from the book in quick succession. There was also a Man-Shawl, a baby cardigan, a huge cowl… and a tea cosy! And I crocheted a very cute pair of baby shoes.
 Betty Jean McNeil All in all, I am amazed by how much I accomplished in 2011. Not just in terms of quantity, but also in learning new techniques. It was a good year!
With 11 days of the year left to play with, I am going to see if I can finish my Seraphine wrap and that elusive tenth sock. I am not going to cast on anything new. That’s the plan anyway…!