Today was my first day of the Stem Cell Treatment process at Mayo Clinic. The day was filled with tests and examinations. My day started at 0730, I reported to the Transplant Center and picked up my appointment schedule and instructions. My next stop was the lab for urine samples and blood draws, there were about 20 vacutainers of blood drawn!

At 0940 I had an electrocardiogram that only took a few minutes and I was on to the Gonda Building for some pulmonary function testing, this took about an hour and wasn’t very pleasant! At least there were no needle sticks at this station! Tracy took off after this procedure so that she could pick up the girls and her and Sumner headed for ND!

After lunch I had a bone marrow collection, I was sedated for this – I had this done in Fargo without sedation and it hurt like heck. This went well and I was in and out in about 1 1/2 hours, they fed me there, my fist food since 1900 the night before.

My last stop for the day was at the Division of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery for an oral exam (not a pop quiz – dental exam). That went well and they said the numbness that I am experiencing from the wisdom teeth extraction should go away soon.

I caught the shuttle back to the motel and called the Kahler for a room for the next couple of days, it is cheaper and closer to the clinic. Tracy and I also toured the Transplant House today and got on the waiting list, hopefully I can get in soon! But I have to arrange for a caregiver since Tracy can’t be here, unless we wanted to leave Sumner in charge of the house and the girls!

Tuesday is another action packed day! It starts at about 0600, I have to pack up my stuff and get on the shuttle to check into the Kahler before my first appointment at 0730 – again fasting! The first appointment is for a PET Scan at 0730 and then off to a chest xray at 1045 and a skeletal bone survey at 1115. I meet with the social worker at 1345 and then an echocardiogram at 1530.

Wednesday starts at 0815 with an MRI and then to the transplant center for educational classes and access evaluation. Thursday I report to the Tranplant Center for team meetings with the transplant team and Dr Hayman, the Hematologist. Friday looks like the day they start the bone marrow conditioning, priming the stem cells, I had neupogen in Fargo and that is bad karma, very bad karma – the worst, deepest pain I have ever felt, the only thing that seems to help with pain is Celebrex and that didn’t help much! Novemeber 2, Monday, looks like the day they start the stem cell collection procedure, that is scheduled for the whole week! I wonder if they get enough stem cells early if they will start the high dose chemo and re-infussion sooner????

This already seems like a really long process, no Tracy, Sumner is not here talking about cars and Kasidee and Savannah are not running around. Hannah Montana is not on 3 tvs at once. I will have to miss a few episodes of Zach and Cody but I am sure I can catch about 10 episodes about the Masons on History Channel!