We’re still here! I made it back from my Philly work trip around 8:30 last night. Daddy was on cancer center duty on Monday. Jessica was on duty yesterday. They both did an excellent job filling in for me while I was gone. I didn’t like being gone for the short time I was. I’m attending my company’s national meeting in Atlanta next week and will be gone for 5 days — Daddy will be here while I’m gone. I’ll try my best to keep everyone up to date on her daily progress while I’m gone.

Momma had to be given extra fluids yesterday because her blood pressure dropped when she went from sitting to standing. Other than diarrhea, lack of appetite/taste, and low energy she seems to be doing pretty good considering what her body has been through. She’s still neutropenic and will be for a few more days. Cancer center visit today was a quick one. Fluids and labwork. They also gave her a script for the diarrhea so she can try something other than Imodium. They reduced her DAB pump yesterday to try and start weaning her off the nausea meds. The transplant nurse mentioned trying to remove it completely tomorrow. She’ll still be able to take meds by mouth. Let’s hope that goes well — it’s not the most stylish accessory. But I must say there’s only been 1 vomiting episode so that little bag of meds has done it’s job!

One thing I noticed today — the transplant nurse and nurse practitioner seemed so surprised that she hasn’t developed mouth sores yet. It was kinda like they were disappointed when she opened her mouth and they didn’t see any — I know that’s terrible to say but that’s my observation. Hey she beat the record for stem cell collection why can’t she beat the odds and not get mouth sores? I’m just saying.

Also, Google Analytics says we’re getting visitors/readers from 13 states and 10 countries. Who are you guys? We’d love to hear where you’re from and what brought you to our blog!

I’ll leave you with our Week 5 photo. Channeling Michael Jackson and still smiling.

Fighting Like A Girl