Day 8

We’re on the upswing! Counts are rebounding and the transplant nurse thinks momma will be out of this neutropenic stage by Monday! WBCs are up to 200 from 100 yesterday. Monocytes are up to 44%. She had to get extra fluids today and yesterday because of her low blood pressure. They decided to put her on two BP meds today that should help. BP this morning was 78/60 — probably due to the dehydration which is due to the diarrhea. She was dizzy this morning when we were getting ready to leave for the cancer center so she’s taking it slow when moving around.
The transplant nurse commented today that typically on Day 8 transplant patients have to be wheeled to the transplant unit in a wheelchair. No need for a wheelchair here!! Not surprising considering how great things have gone thus far.
The absence of the DAB pump hasn’t been much of an issue. She’s been able to control any nausea she’s had with her ativan. As long as she keeps something in her stomach at all times she seems to do pretty well. She’s been snacking on cheese, crackers, and cookies. Cheerios seem to hit the spot in the morning too.
Her love for sweet tea can’t be quenched — the transplant nurse warned her that she should probably stay away from her “favorites” for now so she doesn’t develop an aversion to them later. She couldn’t seem to find a beverage that tasted right — she tried tea, Sierra Mist, Coke, juice — nothing seemed to work. So we stopped at the gas station on the way home from the cancer center and I loaded up on a variety of beverage options for her to try. Her first test was a Sun Drop — go figure it tasted good and she requested a 2 liter when I went to Walmart for groceries. Who’s going to drink all of these odd ball drinks now?

Fighting Like A Girl