Ready for the Dunes!

Things continue to go great for Mark. As of yesterday, he is no longer taking the Dexamethasone and Velcade, and the good doctor gave him permission to go have some fun.

Mark spent the past week packing up his trailer — something that usually only takes a couple of days. He is so excited to be going to the Dunes with his brothers and friends.

He’s had an issue with his knee and has been using a cane. They will look into it further after Memorial Day. According to the doctor, it’s nothing that should stop him from heading out for the weekend. Dianna has been questioning the doctor about a medication that Mark has been taking called Levaquin as it can cause weak and ruptured tendons. However the doc says he is not taking a strong enough dose to cause any harm. Just cross your fingers that it’s not the Myeloma that’s attacking a weak spot.

The next appointment is on Tuesday with Dr. Zangari. They will also go over the treatment schedule then but it looks as though the second transplant could take place on June 1st. Mark will have his port put back in on Wedneday.

Mark and Dianna are very optimistic and looking forward to a summer of car shows and playing at the Dunes.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Kim and Denese. Kim has been very sick and in the hospital after having his second transplant.

Also, good luck to Kevin and Jackie with his transplant.

Hope you all have a great Memorial Weekend.