Oregon Coast

Well it’s been another month. My M-spike (monoclonal protein expression) a little over doubled from 125 to 289 mg/24 hrs this cycle. I didn’t take any supplements… This level of expression is still quite low and could be just part of normal fluctuations. I expect the curcumin, flax & epa/dha oils, vitamins D & K2 and Revlimid to kick butt again this cycle.

We are vacationing on the Oregon coast this week. It is awesome as always. This afternoon we drove up to the top of Mt. Hebo. It was incredibly windy, cold and desolate. Not a soul to be found. So of course we took an inviting logging road instead of the boring paved road down. About a half hour later somewhere on the side of the mountain in the middle of the Siuslaw National Forest on a far less inviting narrow steep deeply rutted part we get a flat tire. Finding, extracting and installing the spare added nicely to the adventure. Then this pickup appears – on a Tuesday, coming towards us, up the mountain. This guy who acted like Mary Poppins announces he is here to feed the birds. Huh? We are on the side of a mountain on a logging road, what gives. “Oh watch, this place will be crawling with birds in a couple minutes.” Sure enough he was right. So much for the high winds and chill hunkering all the birds down as it had all day. It brings a smile to my soul recalling how this all just happened.

The Gray Jay, Perisoreus canadensis
May 6th, 2009, Mt. Hebo, Oregon