Day 8

The day dawns and I feel so much better – with provisions of course-. Sickness seems to be under control, but if it’s not one end it has to be the other. No details will be provided. A gentleman must have some secrets. At least I can eat. I would recommend the ‘C10’ diet, I’ve managed to drop 8 kg since I arrived (that’s about 18 Lbs for our imperial cousins over the pond). This is probably the lightest I’ve been for about 20 years, which just shows how fat we get without really thinking about it.
There’s a wee man in my toilet today. Just to confirm it’s a workman fitting some new grab handles.
I’ve managed some lunch today – Shepherd’s pie, and it’s stayed down… so far.
A nice day over the Gogs, the wind seems to have dropped today judging by the trees. The Wheat isn’t in ear yet, but it’s couple of weeks early yet, I may just see it before I go.
Right, off to my Stats package to construct some data for you…..