10th day post transplant

Good nights sleep last night. I think the worst of the effects of the chemo on zero-1 must be wearing off. Mostly. So it’s a rather boring waiting game from here on in.
What I miss most at the moment, is the outside world. Here I mean ‘things wot grow’. I’m constantly asking my family for details of such and such a plant, and what is it doing. A colleague sent a brief rundown of how our fields are at the moment. It was excellent; I was able to imagine my way round for at least half an hour. I’ve been glued to the RHS Chelsea flower show. I suppose I’ve spent my working life involved with the ‘outside’ so it must be second nature. Even though I seem to spend 80% of my time behind a desk these days, there’s no substitute for pulling on your wellies.
No other news I’m afraid, although I believe the Cambridge beer festival is on at the moment.