Quick Update

Mark is doing great. He’s eating much better, the sweats and rashes are mostly gone, and he is back to being his old self. He is still a bit weak and seems to wear out quickly however. He is currently taking Dexamethasone and although it didn’t seem to make him moody last time, it sure is this time!

Mark has been spending some time tinkering on all his toys and was hoping to make a trip to the Dunes this weekend. Sounds like that may not happen due to the weather though.

We’d like to wish Kim and Denese good luck. Kim is getting ready for his second transplant next week, if all goes accordingly.

Also, a couple of weeks ago, Mark and Dianna met a couple at the Huntsman. They are from Erda and he has Multiple Myeloma. They think his name is John. Dianna’s computer crashed and they lost the only email they had from them. If you see this email and we’re talking about you, please send Mark and Dianna another email so they can stay in touch.