DAY 68

Hi Everyone,
It’s hard to believe it’s day 68–but here is. I am doing fairly okay. I did get my first injection of procrit about a week and a half ago–however i experienced some bone pain with it. Some of the nurses say it is normal and some of them say it is not so here i am again wondering which is true-however i indeed did get bone pain in my hips and lower part of my legs below the knee and my feet. I am just taking ibuprofen for the pain. But i have 2 more injections to go. Has anyone out there experienced bone pain with procrit? I have been feeling a bit unsteady on my feet and kinda like i have some sort of infection in my inner ear i think. But on the other hand i am growing some hair–not enough to feel comfortable without a hat yet but i am hoping that will be soon. My hair has come back sorta a salt & pepper look. WEll i see how long i can stand that. I am 48 but i don’t want to look 60 but maybe i will like it after all.
Well thats all to report for now. Will keep you posted. Susan